About Us

Welcome to Chipped! We are a review based website reviewing local barbers, hair salons, nail bars. We want to inspire beauty in every way and by using our website we hope to connect people with the right salon, nail bar or barber for their needs. We aim to partner with local businesses to help bring them business also so it really is a win win situation!

We will have our online booking system available soon and this will allow you to book your appointments online at a select range of businesses. This is more important now due to the Covid crises as the days of turning up and sitting in a que are gone for most local barbers and hairdressers.

There are a huge range of beauty salons to choose from and we hope that you can find what you need in your area. If you cannot find something in your area please let us know at contact (at) chipped.ie and we will reach out and see what we can do. Thanks for visiting our website!