Why you will need work boots whilst working at your salon

Since the Covid pandemic the country seems to have gone a bit health and safety mad. With children not being allowed to run in the play ground to the extreme lockdowns it seems that health and safety comes first and common sense second. It is now being discussed to bring in safety shoes for all workers no matter what their occupation. Yes this includes working in a salon also. The argument is that what if a scissors falls and lands on your toe? We are not even sure if this has ever even happened however this is the argument being put forth in order to bring in more stringent safety measures.

All salon workers might now be forced to wear a pair of S1 safety shoes or boots. These shoes would be steel toe or composite toe to meet safety standards. And whilst this might seem a bit ridiculous to many it is not the end of the world. You can pick up a pair of safety shoes for about €50 from www.workbootsireland.ie. Or more accurately this should probably being your work place if they are the one enforcing such measures.

To be fair to most of the employers it is the insurance companies that are calling for such measures. If the employers want to get the insurance costs down then have must adhere to such regulations or else they will face paying a higher premium on their insurance.

The good news is that work shoes are more fashionable than they used to be and you can get all types of shoes that will adhere to S1 standards. Safety trainers and boots are available that look just like a normal pair of runners or trainers. Years ago you would need to be wearing a big pair of steel toe boots to get such standards so there is more fashionable options available these days!



Get a gaming chair for your hair salon!

With many salons and barbers competing for business now more than ever after Covid it is the little things that can make the difference between getting repeat business or your customer going to someone else. Too many businesses are focus on price and not enough seem to be focusing on the experience. We understand that there are only so many people you can get through in a business day however small things cost very little extra and can make all the difference.

Great barber shops in Ireland - a growth sector | Think Business

Many barbers in Dublin are now becoming a sanctuary for men, much like hair salons are for ladies. This can include offering your customer a beer or even tea and coffee. We have even seen some barbers putting a playstation in the waiting area for their customers to use although we are not sure if this is advisable at the moment.

Other things that can be done is to do up the waiting area with nice seats and install a TV. There has also been a new craze of putting gaming chairs in the waiting area with an X box however this can be on the more expensive side of things so it depends what is in your budget. There is a good range of gaming chairs available from Housetech who were pushing these as a good alternative to barber chairs as they are very comfortable.

Also an online booking system is now essential for barbers as Covid restrictions are limiting how many people you can have within your business. This number seems to change by the week but having an online system takes all the stress out of organizing your schedule. The fight against Covid continues and hair dressing and beauty staff are on the front line. This is often forgotten about so please do wear your mask to protect yourself and your customer in these times!